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The Best Referral Program in the Industry

Refer a friend or family member to Best Buy Waterproofing and earn a $500 Referral Fee for every project you refer to us. It’s just our way of saying thanks for recommending us to your family, friends and neighbors. We are committed to excellence and to keeping our customers 100% satisfied with the quality of the work we perform for them. In fact, founder Andrew A. Altman, Sr. says: “I guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our work. We will work until every issue is resolved.”

The Best Buy Waterproofing Customer Satisfaction Program is based on the following key tenants:

  • Timeliness
  • Attention to Detail
  • Service-First
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Fairness

Finding and installing a solid, affordable, long lasting solution to your water issues is our primary focus. At Best Buy Waterproofing, strength is our foundation.