I am pleased with the professional, timely waterproofing service.
AW Dennis Avatar
AW Dennis
Rob and his crews (Darwin, Erickson, & Hammi) were fantastic! We noticed some wet carpet in our basement, and upon investigation discovered two cracks, one where silt/dirt was coming in. Being local and very familiar with the situation, Rob was able to get me a quote that day and get his teams in the following week and knock it out in one day! All high quality work, and professionalism the whole way! Cracks sealed, drain and high-quality pump put in and high-quality rapid-set high-strength cement to replace the slab. We got quotes from two other contractors and I did a lot (more) research into hydrostatic pressure on foundations, but not only was Rob's quote lower (due to methodology, proximity, availability, and efficiency) I really feel that this is the best long-term solution. If you're on the fence on an outside or inside solution - go inside, you'll be happier in the long run. Choose Rob and his teams, and you'll be even happier!
Michael Schreiber Avatar
Michael Schreiber
Ed Walasik is great! He showed up the day of our basement leak on a weekend and spent time explaining our best options. We felt relaxed and comfortable to have him back to do the work- and he fit us in at the beginning of the week so we could continue with our basement remodel as scheduled. Thanks Ed! *The company offers a lifetime warranty for the work that they do and has been in business for quite a long time. Their ware is also transferable to the next home owner.
Regina Isaksson-Fenton Avatar
Regina Isaksson-Fenton
Good job Jay
Shirley Duhaney Avatar
Shirley Duhaney
Very efficient, great crew and very clean
Nancy Cohen Avatar
Nancy Cohen
The work was done in a single day. Best Buy was professional and responsive. Rob did a great job explaining what was needed and answering my questions. Darwin and Hammie completed the work. The basement is dry, looks great, and is guaranteed. I’m very pleased with the work and overall experience.
Lynne Phillips Avatar
Lynne Phillips
Honest, professional and affordable! We had a crack in our foundation and water was leaking into the basement. Rob did a great job explaining the process and offering us an affordable solution. Darwin and his crew were STELLAR! They worked diligently the entire day and got the job done right. Efficient and experienced! We would highly recommend Best Buy Waterproofing!
Michele Cook Avatar
Michele Cook
The regional manager Rob is very knowledgeable. He explained the issues and proposed the best solution clearly. Darwin and Hammie lead the crews effectively and professionally. The work was finished in time. Great job they did!
Cliff C Avatar
Cliff C
I would like to express my thanks to Best Buy Waterproofing! We had several estimates but felt most comfortable with Ed our representative from Best Buy and we decided to proceed. The crew was on time, professional and delivered exactly what was promised. We would highly recommend Best Buy Waterproofing.
Patricia Walasik Avatar
Patricia Walasik
Crew was very hard working. Tried to maintain unavoidable mess very well
James Morgan Avatar
James Morgan
Top notch in everything. Professionalism, craftsmanship, customer service. They also worked with me on pricing and provided multiple options for my basement waterproofing.
Hassan Moasser Avatar
Hassan Moasser
Robb and his crew were excellent. I would recommend them to any of my neighbors.
Debb Dunn Avatar
Debb Dunn
They did a perfect job on my full basement full waterproof very informative honest and great work to team Darwin, Hammie Raul, and José. And rob !
Wesley Oliver Avatar
Wesley Oliver
After moving into our new home, we found water seeping into the basement after the first big rainstorm. We called Best Buy Waterproofing, and Rob came out quickly to investigate. The problem was more extensive that we had expected, but Best Buy got us scheduled promptly, fixed the leak and also addressed the root cause. The basement has been bone dry ever since. The team they sent, Hammie, Darwin, Ericson, Raul and Pedro, were quick and professional. They got an awful lot done in a day and cleaned up thoroughly after, even rinsing off the driveway for good measure. Rob was good about following up after to make sure the basement stayed dry. We are very happy with the service we received.
Ben Fogle Avatar
Ben Fogle
Great people who do great work. Darwin, Hammie and Rob were very professional and completed the job quickly. Would recommend
Keith Harris Avatar
Keith Harris
We had just moved in to a home and after the first big rain, we discovered that we had a couple cracks letting in water in our basement. I had multiple companies come and take a look and provide their recommendations. None even came close to offering a full solution to the actual problem and water management. Rob with Best Buy came and explained why we were having this problem and the best solution to fix it permanently and the quote was very reasonable. We ended up getting drain tiles installed on that side of our home. Having your foundation dug in to is nerve racking! I asked a million and one questions and Rob answered them all and took a lot of time running me and my husband through the process and explaining it thoroughly. On the day of the job, Rob came out that morning with the crew to get things started. Hammy and his crew did a great job. They were fast and efficient and had the job done in one day. After a rain, I had a concern about the system and I called Rob. He came out a couple days later to look at evrything to make sure it was installed right and working properly. He took time out of his day to come and address my concerns and that is the kind of service you want when you are investing in a home repair of this size. I would highly recommend Best Buy waterproofing!
Brittany Olsen Avatar
Brittany Olsen
I highly recommend Best Buy Waterproofing because of their quick response to my situation, their assurances that my concerns would be totally resolved and by the quality work that was done overall. Rob Fields, Regional Manager, has been excellent at ensuring I have been completely satisfied throughout the process. And the foreman of the work onsite, Darwin, was also extremely proficient and productive along with his amazing crew. If you are looking for a company that does high quality work Best Buy is definitely is an excellent choice.
Anne Fussell Avatar
Anne Fussell
We had a great experience working with Jay at Best Buy. We had extensive work done to our basement (french drain along the entire perimeter and sump pumps and vapor barriers installed) and having someone as experienced as Jay coordinate the project really kept us at ease—he was very attentive to us during the entire process and was also a pleasure to work with. Also, the execution by Erickson's team was great.
Caroline Portugal Avatar
Caroline Portugal
If you need basement waterproofing, Best Buy is the place to go. The crew completed the job in one day! Dan is the best. He went out of his way to make sure everything was perfect for me. Great experience all around!
Cindy O Avatar
Cindy O
The construction expert who evaluated our house was knowledgeable and explained in detail the cause of the water stains against our basement walls. He listened to our needs and detailed various options to remedy the leakage. The company workmen came 2 days later and spent the entire day fixing the foundation including incorporation of a sump pump. The price was reasonable and the work exactly as detailed by the evaluation expert. The fact that this comes with a lifetime warranty is a huge bonus.
Ingrid Boshoff Avatar
Ingrid Boshoff
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