What resources does mold need in order to grow

January 26, 2022

We already know that mold is all around us and when it is outside the home, it is not necessarily a bad thing. And when it was used to discover penicillin, it was a very good thing. However, when it shows up inside your home, it can lead to big problems. Here are the major resources mold needs to grow inside your home:

  1. Moisture. In order to grow and thrive, mold needs a source of moisture. If you have places in your home that are constantly damp and wet, your are going to have mold.
  2. Food. Like all living organisms, mold needs a food source in order to survive. Unfortunately, the structure as well as some comfort elements in your home can provide these food sources, including wood, carpeting, window treatments, towels and even drywall – especially when these sources become damp or wet.
  3. Darkness. Mold grows best when there is an absence of light. All those dark, protected, and shaded areas in your home are prime staging areas for mold growth.

Knowing where mold can grow in your home and taking a proactive approach to watching for it is the first step to keeping mold and mildew problems at bay. However, it you see wet and damp areas in your home in places that should be dry, call a moisture remediation specialist like Best Buy Waterproofing to check out the issue. This ounce of prevention can save you costly repairs down the road.

At Best Buy Waterproofing, we are focused 100 percent on customer satisfaction. Our mold remediation team will treat your home as if it is our own. All our work is conducted in a safe, health-conscious manner, following or exceeding all current CDC mandated guidelines. The health and safety of your family and ours is paramount.

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