Do you have a leaky basement problem? Here are the 7 major signs to watch out for.

August 7, 2023

If you’ve got a leaky basement in your home, waiting to see if it gets worse is not a good option. A leaky basement can lead to serious damage to your home. Calling in a basement waterproofing specialist like Best Buy Waterproofing to inspect your home is a good first step.
Here are 7 major signs of a leaky basement in your home:

  1. Standing Water. If there are puddles or standing water on the floor of your basement, water is getting in from somewhere. Find out where as soon as you can.
  2. Musty Smell. If your basement smells damp or musty, there is a good chance that you have a moisture issue. Water leaks, foundation cracks, or poor ventilation are the usual culprits.
  3. Mold or mildew. Mold and mildew grow in damp, humid environments. If you see it growing on your basement walls, floor, or furniture, it’s time to call us.
  4. Cracks or Crumbling. Cracks in your basement walls or floor are often a sign of water damage. Large cracks or crumbling concrete wall are sure signs of water infiltration.
  5. Peeling Paint. Flaking or peeling paint on the walls or floor of your basement can be a sign of water damage. If the paint is peeling away, it’s likely that water has gotten behind it and caused the paint to swell and crack.
  6. Rotting Wood. Wood rot is a serious problem that occurs when your basement is exposed to moisture. Call us right away for a free inspection.
  7. Efflorescence. Efflorescence is a white or grayish powdery substance that can form on the walls or floor of your basement. It’s caused by the evaporation of water that contains dissolved minerals. Efflorescence is another sign that water is getting into your basement.

About the Author

Owner and founder Andrew A. Altman Sr. is an icon in the basement waterproofing industry. In a career that spans over 35 years, he has been interviewed by the news media and is considered by his peers as a leading industry expert. However, the most important matter to Mr. Altman, besides the effectiveness of his waterproofing system, is earning the trust of his customers.

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With over 35 years of experience in basement waterproofing, moisture control and structural repair, Best Buy Waterproofing founder, Andrew A. Altman Sr. is a top-rated industry veteran with a proven record of successful projects. In fact, the award winning, certified, professional staff at Best Buy Waterproofing, have a combined 70 years of experience in all aspects of the basement health industry. With A+ ratings from the BBB and Angi, and over 435 5-Star reviews from Google, Home Advisor, Yelp, and Facebook, Best Buy Waterproofing guarantees customer satisfaction.

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Basement Waterproofing, Basement Ventilation, Mold & Mildew Remediation, Structural Repair, Crawl Space Repair, Sump Pump Systems, Moisture Control, Wet Basement Repair, Roofing Installation and Replacement, Intelligent Power Battery Backup Systems, Sub-floor Pressure Relief Systems, Basement Exterior Excavation, Basement Finishing, Concrete Lifting, Foundation Repair, Basement Door & Egress Windows, and all Concrete Work, including Concrete Stamped Stoops, Walkways, Patios, Floors, Dry Wall & Stud Replacement and more.

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